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GO Advisors provides a range of professional services customized to your company’s needs and goals, empowering your business to achieve its full potential.


Positioning you to Play on Policy: Staying on top of near, medium and long term issues is a balancing act – reacting to changes is necessary but identifying proactive areas for engagement can unlock business potential. We will work with you to define your specific policy and regulatory goals alongside any anticipated changes that may come your way.


Providing Bespoke Intelligence Briefings: Scoping out your intelligence needs is a key first step to getting you the kind of information, in a digestible format, that helps you make real time and strategic business decisions. We’ll work with you to identify your short and long term needs and then tailor an intelligence delivery plan to meet your objectives. Specific issue areas, industry moves, or geopolitical trends can all impact your business growth, and we will collaborate with you on a bespoke briefing plan that works for you.


Mapping Who, When, Where and Why: With a tailored agenda and the right flow of information, we’ll provide you with a map of the policymakers, regulators, associations, and thought leaders on the issues that matter to your business. Our stakeholder map will tell you who you should engage with, when it makes sense based on the stage of your business and policy development, where and why. We’ll calibrate an engagement plan based around these factors.


Developing your Brand: Part of building an impactful policy presence involves carefully defining your brand in the market and calibrating it to achieve your policy goals. We’ll create a specific plan based around what you want people to say about your business.


Global Opportunity Advisors
300 Park Avenue
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GO Advisors provides tailored advisory services that translate geopolitical risk, dynamic policy and regulatory changes into actionable strategies that drive real-time business objectives and long term growth plans.

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